May 23, 2015

Customised Training Solutions.

What We Do?

Our highly experienced team of professionals at Crocodile Promotions, use their array of knowledge and expertise in different business sectors, to offer customised training solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

Most training providers will have set training programs that they deliver over and over again to different individuals or organisations. This means that some content may not be as relevant to every organisation, and you end up paying for content you don’t need. At Crocodile Promotions, we prefer to offer customised training solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of each individual or group. By taking this approach we can ensure that each client gets the best value for money by only paying for what they actually need.

We create and offer courses of various durations, from a one hour session, to a one year programme.

How We Do It.

  1. Consultation: Once we receive a request for training, coaching or mediation, the first thing we do is conduct a friendly and informal consultation with the client to get a better understanding of their needs.  This will preferably be done in person, but can take place over the phone if necessary.
  2. Create Programme: We then take this information away and use it to create a programme that is tailored specifically to the needs of the client. We prefer to create programmes in consultation with the client if they wish, however, if a client prefers us to simply take care of the work and get on with delivery, then we are perfectly capable of doing that also.
  3. Agree Programme: The client would receive an overview of the specially designed programme at least one week ahead of the start date, in order to agree the program or request any amendments.
  4. Programme Delivery: Once the programme has been agreed, our experienced trainers will begin delivery.
  5. Evaluation: The trainees and the client evaluate all our programs and our training staff. We use this information to better the experience for existing and future clients and the recipients of our programmes.  This ensures that each training programme we deliver gets better and better.

Our Trainers

Our trainers are leaders and innovators with a proven record of success and achievement in their respective fields. They are also renowned trainers, some of whom who have delivered training programmes at national and international level. Some of the areas we currently specialise in are:

  • Health Care
  • Sexual Health
  • Social Care
  • Young People
  • Single Sex Work
  • S.R.E. (Sex and Relationship Education)
  • Management
  • Entertainment
  • Media Production
  • Resource Development

crocodile promotions customised training solutions 4Some training providers are able to take a ready-made program and deliver training on a topic they might not be very experienced in. This can work, but in this circumstance, trainers can sometimes be found wanting when providing answers to questions they are asked by their trainees.  While no trainer can profess to know absolutely everything, the fact that our trainers are leaders in their respective fields, means that our training is underpinned by solid knowledge and experience of the subject area. This also means our training is delivered in a context of clear understanding, and makes our trainers better equipped to handle questions from trainees, with confidence and competence.


We understand that good communication is key to achieving successful outcomes for our clients, which is why we maintain open lines of communication with our clients in the design, delivery and evaluation phase of a programme. If a program is being delivered over a period of months or weeks, or even days, we will maintain communication with the client to inform them of how we feel the training is progressing, discuss any proposals for amendments, or to resolve any potential unforeseen problems as soon as possible.

Maurice Cunningham Trainer Crocodile Promotions

Topics we currently offer programmes on are:

  • Sexual health
  • Reproductive Health
  • HIV and Culture within the African Community
  • Sex and Relationship Education (S.R.E.)
  • How To Engage With Black And Asian Youth
  • How To Engage With Young Men
  • Teenage Parents
  • Child Protection
  • Increasing Assertiveness
  • Communication Skills
  • Strategic Documents
  • Mediation
  • Staff Coaching
  • DJ workshops
  • Mentoring

To discuss one of the above programmes in more detail, or a programme that isn’t listed above, simply e-mail us at