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Whether its your own private event, or a public one, our rosta of DJ’s, VJ’s and entertainers are will give you an amazing experience to remember. Check out our public gigs and events here. Don’t forget to check back regularly so you don’t miss upcoming events.


We provide a range of media solutions including audio and video recording and editing of your event. Have a look at some of our examples here.


Our team use over 20 years of experience in different industry sectors to design and deliver professional training programs, tailored to the specific needs of each organisation or group.


Get a glimpse of what our public events look like and the way people feel when they’re there.

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Our mission
Bringing life and vibrancy to everything we do.

Organising events can be a stressful business - dealing with multiple people and organisations all playing a different role. At Crocodile Promotions we provide a multitude of services under one roof for events, reducing the amount of people you need to liaise with, and thus lowering the stress levels. Whether it's DJing, VJing, media production, training or any of our services, we do it in a way that brings vitality to your event. The numbers in circles represent the percentage of the business dedicated to that service area, though we are by no means limited to these. If there's something you need but don't see it here, simply ask us. Most likely we can provide it, and if not, we're probably linked to someone that can.

  • DJ/VJ

    It can be really difficult finding a DJ among the thougsands out there who delivers to your taste. Our team of professional DJ's and VJ's is not the largest, but we believe in quality over quantity, without the superstar price tag.

  • Media Production

    We offer numerous solutions to media production needs, such as professional photography, videography, film editing and video production, web design, adverts, jingles. Just tell us what you need, and we'll do the rest.

  • Customised Professional Training

    Our team have decades of experience in other industy sectors, particularly working with younng people, health work, and management. We design and deliver training programs tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and staff.

  • Equipment Hire

    There's nothing worse at your event, than a DJ playing on a terrbile sounding music system that's hurting everyone's ears. We only use high quality equipment. If you have your DJ sorted but need a high quality sound system for them to play on, then look no further.

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